The Benefits of Sports Played on Grass

The surface on which a sport is played makes a huge difference, not only in the way it is played but on player health, maintenance and even the enjoyability of the local environment. While some sports, like basketball, simply must be played on a hard surface like wood or asphalt, for many sports you have options between surfaces like artificial turf, concrete or natural grass. There are many benefits to choosing a grass yard or field over other options. Listed below are some of these benefits.


One reason many people opt to install artificial surfaces for sports is to avoid the need for grass care—fertilizer use, seeding and mowing grass, etc. However, it's important to consider that lawns are self-repairing. Damaged spots grow back on their own. Unlike an artificial surface that will need repairs and replacing after much wear, grass fields need less repair, last many times longer and cost less to remove.


While mowing grass may seem like a lot of maintenance, it is not much compared to the cleaning required between each use for artificial surfaces. A grass yard will automatically recycle things like saliva, leaves, spilled food or drinks and even pieces of paper. Typically, field or lawn maintenance is much less taxing on resources than cleaning other surfaces.


First, grass is a cooler surface to play on than concrete, asphalt or artificial turf. It's more pleasant, which is why most people want lawns and not pavement around their homes. Grass also improves the air by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. On top of that, water runoff can be a problem with large paved fields or roofs over indoor complexes, but grass absorbs and filters the rainfall and runoff, improving groundwater and reducing nearby soil erosion.

Player Experience

The traction you get while playing on grass is excellent; however the turf has enough give that it prevents injuries. Better to have a clod of grass torn up than for that impact to go into a player's knee. The daily wear on joints is also reduced by the cushioned and resilient layers of grass and soil. It's well worth a little grass care to give players a safe and healthy surface for sports. Opting to play sports on a grass field is a great choice for both quality and cost. For resources on lawn maintenance, you can [browse our other articles] or [locate a Wright dealer near you].

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