Avoid Employee Injuries with Proper Lawn Care Tools

In their last published numbers, Johns Hopkins University reports that more than 80,000 Americans are injured each year using lawn mowers. As a lawn maintenance professional, you no doubt take care of the safety of your employees just as much as you take care of your clients' lawns. But it's important to remember that every member of your team might not share your experience and care for personal safety. In addition to training and being a model of mower safety, you'll also want to make sure that your equipment is safely up-to-date and well maintained. In this last regard, Wright Manufacturing has you covered, with the safest, most efficient standing mowers on the market. Here are ways our company helps you and your team stay injury-free.

Standing Mowers Help Prevent Strain and Fatigue

As you well know from many long lawn maintenance working days, hours of mowing can take their toll. It doesn't matter if you are pushing or seated, the time and effort of a day's work finds its way into your back, feet, and joints. But standing mowers allow you to balance your weight in the most comfortable way possible, performing manageable work while maintaining a natural posture. Your body will thank you at the end of the day. And this will help cut back on lost time nursing strained, sore muscles, as well as injuries that creep up over time, like stress fractures.

Eliminate Workplace Accidents with Reliable Products

Wright mowers, like the Stander ZK™, are crafted for quality and reliability. Not only are they easier on your body to use, but they also are much less likely to break down in dangerous ways than older or lower quality products. When you're controlling a heavy spinning blade, you can't afford to have any of your equipment fail. All of Wright's products are designed and manufactured in Frederick, Maryland. No other hands touch our products while they are being assembled. We work hard to ensure that our mowers are safe for you to use every day, on every job.

Properly used, a Wright mower will serve you and your team for years to come. Not only will it contribute to a job well done, but it'll also work to help keep you and your team healthy and injury-free. If you'd like to know more about just how, feel free to contact us at Wright. We can outfit you for the summer season, with the safety and quality you need.

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