The Latest Essential Service Parts for Your Wright Commercial Mower

Keeping your Wright mower in top condition is key to making it last a long time and reducing costly down time. We receive mower parts requests frequently. Some of these parts come from various manufacturers such as Kohler, Kawasaki, and Briggs. The best way to get the latest PNs from those companies is to visit your local dealer or visit their websites.

Oil Filter
Oil Filter

However, last we checked, below are some of the key service parts you might be looking for (as of 4/6/2016):


Oil filter PN 34490002
This filter fits all pump/motor systems (two per Stander ZK and MMZ). We recommend changing the filter and oil annually or 500 hrs under severe duty. This filter is different from and automotive filter so we highly recommend our OEM filter.

Hydro oil 15w50 Mobil 1 Synthetic
Most Wright Standers require two quarts, while the ZK and MMZ require six quarts. The oil in the tank and the filter should be replaced every year or more often at 500 hrs under severe hot or dusty conditions. The easiest way to replace your oil is to use a vacuum extractor, for example the Mityvac 7400 or 7201.
Watch this video for a how-to on easily changing your hydro oil.

Standard Blades:

  • 71440002 for 32” and 48”
  • 71440001 for 36” and 52”
  • 71440003 for 42” and 61”
  • 71440014 for 72”
Mulch Blades:
  • 71490001 for 32” and 48”
  • 71490002 for 36” and 52”
  • 71490003 for 42” and 61”
Each mower uses unique belts and other parts. To look up your part, find your five-digit serial number and go to our Wright mower parts picker to look up specific parts. You can also watch this how-to video for changing your engine oil.


Oil Filters:

  • 49065-7010 for FH series, FX801, and FX850 engines
  • 49065-7007 for FS541, FS600, FX600, FX691, and FX730 engines
  • Kawasaki recommends every 200 HRS, which is every other oil change
Engine Oil:
  • Kawasaki recommends using API SJ or higher class oil. When cold starting below freezing and operating up to about 100F use 10w-40.
  • Where starting the engine below freezing is not a concern and ambient temperatures are hot, then it’s recommended that you use a 20W-50 oil. Kawasaki offers high quality KTech oil that is formulated for the severe conditions of an air cooled engine.
  • For FS541, FX600, and FS600 engines you will need two quarts, and all larger engines you will need three quarts of oil.
Air Filters:
  • 11013-0752 for all FS engines
  • 11013-7048 for FX600
  • 11013-7044 for FX691 and FX730
  • 11013-7038 for FX801 and FX850
  • Kawasaki recommends that the air filter is changed every 250 hours.GCS_North_American_1983


Oil Filters:

  • 52 050 02-S for all Kohler engine used on Wright mowers. Kohler recommends you change your oil filter every 100 hours.
Engine Oil:
  • Kohler recommends you use an API SJ or higher class oil.
  • For non-winter operation, use SAE 10W-30.
  • If you have the need to operate your Stander below freezing temps, use 5w-30.
  • Kohler recommends you change your oil filter every 100 hours. You will need two quarts of oil, except for the ECV860, then you will need three quarts.
Air Filters:
  • 16 083 01-S for all Kohler Confidant engines used by Wright, to be replaced every 100 hours.
  • 25 083 01-S for all Command Pro engines used by Wright (ECV740, ECV749, ECV860), to be replaced every 300 hours.
  • RC12YC Champion plug 12 132 02-S for ECV740, ECV749, and Confidant engines.
  • RA8HC Champion plug Kohler PN 25 132 25-S for ECV860/870/880 engines. All plugs are gapped to 0.030” and torqued to 20 ft-lbs.
Visit Kohler’s site for additional parts, and find your manual.


Oil Filters:

  • 696854 for 24hp or 26hp Vanguard engines and commercial turf engines. Briggs recommends changing the filter every 100 hours.
Engine Oil:
  • Briggs recommends using API SF, SG, SH, SJ or higher class oil.
  • 10w-30 is good from 0F to 100F, and above 80F you may see increased oil consumption.
  • Synthetic 5w-30 will give you the widest operating range for starting at sub-zero temps all the way up to 120F.
  • SAE30 for starting above 40F.
Air Filter:
  • 841497 for 24hp and 26hp Vanguard engines.
  • 491055 gapped to 0.030” and torqued to 15 ft-lbs.
Visit the Briggs site to look up parts, and to find 810cc Vanguard parts, enter 49V677 and 0001.

Some additional tips that will help you keep your mower in great shape...

The lubrication needs of an air-cooled engine are more severe than an automotive engine. Although automotive oil can be used, most OEM oils are specifically formulated with greater anti-wear additives for the needs of your engine. Even if you use an extended interval oil, do not run that oil longer than recommended. Although the base oil and additives may be intact, the dusty environment of a lawnmower means fine dust (smaller than the filter size) can accumulate in the oil and so it should be changed in a timely manner.

DO NOT use compressed air to clean out an air filter. This will damage the filter and allow dust to pass through it. The best way to clean a filter is the gently tap it to remove loose debris. Be careful to not let grit fall into the engine when removing the filter. Some aftermarket filters do not seal on the intake of the engine very well and can lead to dust ingestion and may void your engine warranty.

If you don’t know what your engine spec number is and you need to lookup parts for your engine, the easiest way to find it is to search you mower serial number at and scroll to the bottom of the page. Your engine serial number and spec number will be listed there. Otherwise, you can look for the spec number on the engine. Most Kawasaki and Kohler engines are on the side of the shroud and most Briggs are on the valve cover.

Performing an end-of-season or preseason preventative maintenance can save you a lot of time...

  • Check belts for any wear. Replacing a belt in the shop is a lot easier than dragging a mower off a customer’s property or fixing it on-site.
  • Check idler pulleys and spindles for worn or rough bearings.
  • Check for any leaks.
  • Service all oil and filters.
  • Check all pivots and linkages for wear.
  • Inspect the mower for any missing or loose hardware.
  • Worn tires are more likely to receive a puncture and will lead to more skidding on your customers’ properties. Replace worn tires and deck wheels and smooth operation will greatly extend the life of your tires.
Check your owner’s manual for a complete maintenance schedule. This is only a snapshot of a few of the most common maintenance points on your mower. You manual will have the latest up-to-date information.

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