Commercial Mower Engines

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Wright Heavy-duty commercial mowers need heavy-duty engine. Wright offers a full lineup of the best engine brands in the industry.

Briggs & Stratton®

Wright offers Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard® engines on select models. Vanguard engines are uniquely designed and manufactured to high standards to meet the durability, power, and low oil consumption standards expected by commercial fleet operators. Vanguard engines used by Wright are equipped with canister air cleaners and heavy-duty starters. The larger 37hp models offer a uniquely robust engine mounting with eight through bolts.

Briggs & Stratton Engine
Briggs & Stratton Engine

Kawasaki® Engines

Kawasaki® produces reliable, durable and easy to maintain engines for everything from motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, and jets. They are also one of the leading suppliers of engines for outdoor power equipment. That's why they are the most popular engine Wright installs in our Stander® mowers.

  • Maximum engine protection provided by heavy duty canister air cleaners with an extra inner filter on FX series engines.
  • Reliable starting with heavy duty shift starters on most Kawasaki engines spec'd by Wright.
  • 3yr Kawasaki warranty.
  • Easy parts ordering due to matching Wright/Kawasaki part numbers.
  • Fast and easy maintenance with very few accessories mounted on engine housing.
  • Most Kawasaki mower engines are American-made in Maryville Mo.

Kawasaki Engine
Kawasaki Engine

Wright installs the FS541 engine with recoil start, FS600 with integrated air cleaner and clean out ports as our lighter commercial engine, FX600 for smaller heavy duty mowers, FX730 for medium range mowers and FX850 for larger mowers.

Kohler® Engines

Kohler® engines are known for their Delphi based fuel injection systems. All Kohler engines used by Wright are equipped with heavy-duty shift starters and air cleaners.

Kohler Engine
Kohler Engine
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