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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and while the comparisons likely end there, this also seems to apply to building a high quality commercial lawn mower. While Wright is proud to manufacture its lawnmowers, to create its final product, their mowers include key parts manufactured elsewhere. In tribute, for this series of blogs we are looking at some of the twenty-some companies that contribute parts to Wright Mowers. Let's take a look at Kawasaki and its engines as used in Wright stand-on and sitting mowers.


If there is only one part of your mower that makes or breaks the overall experience and the overall quality of the mower, it is the mower engine. (We have addressed this in a couple of our blogs, including one entitled Engine Condition: How to Keep Your Mower Lasting Longer.) The importance of a strong engine is something that both Wright Manufacturing and Kawasaki® knows. This is why Wright trusts one of the best known and most reliable names in the small engine business—Kawasaki®. In addition to creating commercial products like ATVs, motorcycles, and jet skis which they are known for, Kawasaki® Heavy Industries is involved in the manufacturing and sale of engineered aerospace, shipbuilding, and construction machinery. While they are headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, they employ over 30,000 people throughout Japan and North America. And, the company has a long tradition, extending back to 1896 and entrepreneur Shozo Kawasaki.

Kawasaki® engines have a couple of key features that help explain why their engines are some of the most used in the business, including:

(1) A cast-iron flywheel. These flywheels provide continuous rotational energy, and Kawasaki® gives its flywheels greater weight to provide more inertia and power when mowers need it. (2) A dual-element air filter. This filter helps to keep dirt and other debris from entering the inside of the engine. This makes for easier maintenance. (3) A large, high-flow fan. Kawasaki® Engines are long-lasting because they're engineered to run cooler, thanks in part to a large, high-flow fan that disperses engine heat. The cooler an engine runs, the longer it can last. (4) A forced lubrication system. Kawasaki® uses a forced lubrication system along with seals that reduce the temperature of the oil when operating and reduce the chance that oil will leak. (5) A low-tone muffler. Their engines use a low-tone muffler which helps to reduce the noise generated by the engine.

It is because of parts like Kawasaki® Engines that Wright's mowers can do what they are designed to do, and do it fast and efficiently. And, this prevents you from having to worry about all that is going on inside these mowers. Wright Mowers have brought the best parts in the industry together to provide you with a product you can rely on. For more information on some of the best mowers in the industry, visit our website or call Wright Manufacturing today at (301) 360-9810.

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