Commercial Mower Spindle

The Wright Parts

Wright heavy duty filled-for-life (sealed), ball bearing spindles are made of ductile iron for greater flexibility and wear, impact and fatigue resistance, providing ongoing cost savings for the fleet operator. Wright medium spindles (Stander B™ only) share the same mounting and bearing as the heavy duty spindles but with aluminum housings, and they are not grease filled.

Spindle facts:

  • Filled-for-life spindles are more costly to build and contains enough high quality grease to outlast the life of the bearing. We isolate upper grease from lower grease and keep all water and grit out. Other spindles have issues with incompatible greases, the top bearing running dry due to grease settling, labor cost for regular greasing, and catastrophic loss if neglected. You are too busy to mess with a grease gun and our design will give you a longer and more predictable outcome with no extra effort.
  • Wright heavy duty spindles contain seven seals to keep water and grit out and the upper and lower grease in the bearings. The top cap is pressure-washer-proof and the bottom cap won't let twine get wrapped up into the bearing.
  • One-inch shafts and large ball bearings take radial* and axial** loads without heat build-up common with taper bearings or misalignment possible with double row bearings.
  • The leading cause of failure in most spindles is contamination (moisture and grit).
  • Ductile iron spindles are less brittle and a lot tougher (and 3x harder to machine) than grey iron or aluminum housings.
  • Wright spindles are reliable for many hours and they don't require maintenance – a great fleet feature.

* Loads that act at right angles to a shaft, such as hitting the edge of a curb.
**Loads that act parallel to the shaft, such as when the deck bottoms out on berm.

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