Delta Systems Presence Switches and Delay Modules

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At Wright Manufacturing, we take extra measures to ensure our machines are built with the quality and craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect. This company-wide philosophy is seen through to every item we purchase for our mowers, from the Stander X to the Mid-Mount Z. We select only top-tier manufacturers for our parts, and we're confident in our relationship with Delta Systems to supply our presence switches and delay modules.

Delta System
Delta System
Delta System
Delta System

In 2010, Delta Systems was a top 10 ranked manufacture by Quality Magazine. The close-knit team has more than 40 years' experience designing and providing modules and electronic switches to commercial companies.

Offering both standard and custom-made modules, Delta assists Wright Commercial Mowers in providing high quality machines to our customers. Their high-quality switches provide positive solutions for turnkey issues, and have proven successful in various outdoor environments.

Delta Systems' delay modules allow for Wright mowers to operate safely and effectively. Monitoring voltage levels, these modules read our mowers and communicate warning signs to the engines. By utilizing edge connector technologies, Delta Systems is able to reduce cost for us, thus reducing cost for our customers. Delta Systems has built a positive reputation in the industry for maximizing operator safety—an essential component for Wright when selecting its vendors.

Wright Manufacturing values its associations with like-minded companies in the industry; companies like Delta Systems, Inc., who put the customer first, while creating durable and efficient machines. To learn more about Wright and the manufacturers that we work with, visit our website . You can also find a local Dealer to schedule a free mower demonstration today.

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