Don Dye Idler Pulleys

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Idler pulleys are some of the most intricate parts of lawn mowers. So when Wright decided to manufacture some of the world's top commercial lawn mowers, they only wanted the best parts for their product.

Wright teamed up with Don Dye, a private company based out of Kansas, to manufacture all of Wright Mowers' idler pulleys. They make everything from single row to double row to industrial drive pulleys; along with underground ball bearings.

An Idler pulley is the mechanism or the shaft of a mower that presses against a serpentine belt to guide it while the mower is in operation. Don Dye's pulleys are both economical and self-contained, and are built for either a flat or "V" side of belt. In addition, the idler pulleys are armed with a pre-lubricated ball bearing that protects from dirt and other debris while in operation. In order for the idler pulley to take up the extra slack from the belt, the idler pulley is built with a compression ring, which helps distribute the pulley more evenly.

Don Dye's idler pulleys are built for strength and durability, and the rolled out edges eliminate belt scuffing for a much longer lifespan. In addition, the pulleys are built with "weep holes," which are rivet circles that allow water to drain through the pulley when the mechanism is in a horizontal position.

Wright Mowers is constantly drafting up new ways to ensure a quality product for their customers. By implementing Don Dye's idler pulleys, Wright knows they are receiving the highest quality part for their high-quality mower.

To learn more about Wright mowers or to schedule a demonstration, be sure to visit here to request a demo. For more information about idler pulleys, visit

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