Warner Electric Clutches

The Wright Parts

Wright Manufacturing cares about its reputation and has earned the respect of consumers and industry manufacturers. One way that that they've done this is by affiliating themselves with companies that share their interest in good quality products and environmentally sound practices.


One such manufacturer is Warner Electric®, whose interest in the environment is shown by their involvement with a wind turbine manufacturer. This manufacturer asked Warner Electric's help in designing an emergency braking system for their turbines and Warner Electric came through. They created a system that proved to withstand high wind conditions and eliminate excess noise and vibration. A variety of retail, commercial, government, school and university buildings have benefitted from the energy saving power these turbines have produced.

With 70 years' experience and a firm dedication to excellence, Warner Electric® has become the global leader in the power transmission industry for its electromagnetic clutches and brakes. For more information on how Wright Manufacturing has benefited from use of Warner Electric's products, contact us at (301) 360-9810 or visit our website .

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