Stander Intensity™ Delivers

Many Reasons to Switch to Stand-On Mowing

Wright Manufacturing, designer and producer of the industry's first stand-on mower, recently debuted its latest Stander™ model at this past October's GIE+EXPO. The new Stander Intensity™ is a compact stand-on mower that gives commercial landscapers who use sit-down or high-end walk-behind mowers a compelling reason to make an upgrade.

"We think that the Intensity is a mower that can convincingly address any objections one might have to stand-on mowing," said Bill Wright, founder of Wright Manufacturing. "It offers a host of features that help landscapers get outstanding cut quality over different terrain, great stability and maneuverability, and superior operator comfort and control. Ultimately, the Stander Intensity™ delivers top efficiency and productivity in an extra-compact, easy-to-manage package."

Among the many innovative features included in the Intensity is Wright's floating AERO CORE deck, which improves airflow and cut quality, and reduces clumping. In addition, progressive elasto-polymer springs provide motion-damping to minimize bouncing over rough terrain, even for differently weighted operators. And the frame is designed to maximize structural rigidity while providing easy maintenance access to hoses, pumps, pulleys, and other components.

John Franke, Territory Manager at Pace, Inc., a Vero Beach, Florida-based distributor of Wright mowers, said, "The Stander Intensity™ can go head-to-head with other stand-on mowers in its price range and match or exceed them feature by feature. Plus it comes with Wright's reputation for reliability."

He adds, "If you put this machine side by side with any other brand's stand-on, there's no reason you wouldn't buy the Wright." The Stander Intensity™ also includes rapid deck-height adjustment, a primary feature on many Wright models. The Intensity is available with 18.5, 19.0 and 22.0 HP engines and 36", 48" and 52" decks. Shawn Wolf, former president of Wright Manufacturing, said, "The Stander® gives landscapers the advantage of having the capabilities of different types of mowers all in one unit. We believe that if you've been hesitant to put a stand-on mower on your trailer, the Intensity will change your mind."

Call 301.360.9810 or visit our Dealer Locator . Wright Manufacturing is headquartered at 4600X Wedgewood Blvd. Frederick MD 21703. The company's fax number is 301.360.9820.

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