6 Landscaping Tips for Winter Gardens

Most people associate plush, green landscapes with summer, but winter also offers us many opportunities to liven up the face of a yard. From choosing winter-safe plant varieties to hanging lights that accentuate the strengths of a landscape, here are some tips to help you keep your home (or your clients' homes) looking fresh during the winter months.

Winter Time
Winter Time

Plant for Winter

Luckily, garden enthusiasts have plenty of options to work with in the winter season. Camellias, holly varieties, heathers, snowdrops, Christmas roses and hellebores will all thrive in a winter garden. When mixing them in with evergreens and berry bushes, you'll keep your green thumbs busy and have an even more colorful landscape.

Keep it Clean

In order to maintain a beautiful lawn and garden in the winter, you'll need to remove all dead leaves, limbs and debris. This will provide your plants with plenty of sunlight and remove all unnecessary clutter.

Mulch Lightly

Lay out a little bit of mulch on your garden to provide nutrition to your plants. However, you'll want to avoid putting too much mulch around the base of the plants. Excessive mulch will smother your plant life and make it more difficult for them to get the air they need.

Use Colors to Your Advantage

There's always the opportunity to add even more color to your landscape through the use of paint trim, furniture or pottery. Pick color schemes that match colors that naturally occur in your garden.

Light up Your Garden

Of course, there's always the option of Christmas lighting, as long as you don't go overboard. More importantly, consider incorporating the use of light fixtures like spotlights to accentuate the strengths of your lawn and garden, or along your walkway for guests to safely and easily navigate the yard. They can also be used to illuminate statues or wreaths.

Consider an Outdoor Fireplace

Fireplaces or fire pits can not only add some variety to an outdoor setting, but they can also give you a place to congregate to enjoy all the hard work you've put into your garden. Fire pits are especially convenient since they can be moved after warmer weather returns.

There are plenty of clever ways to keep busy during the winter season. Don't be afraid to experiment to get the most out of your garden's potential. Winter is also a great time to plan ahead for the spring. Wright offers big savings on commercial mowers through the use of our seasonal buying program Seasonal buying program . Learn about our amazing stand-on mowers like the Stander ZK™ Stander ZK™ , which has become a fan favorite in the lawn care industry by visiting our product page. Find a dealer in your area Find a Dealer today to learn more.

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