Small Things Make Big Differences in the Lawn Care Business

At Wright Manufacturing, we understand that keeping your customers happy is of the utmost importance. That's why we go above and beyond to keep you, our customers, happy. We know you want your company to be associated with the best lawns in town. That's why you choose the best products for your lawn care business.

Yard Overhead
Yard Overhead

If you already own Wright mowers, then you've had an opportunity to mow lawns with more efficiency, safety, and ease. You know that the mowers you choose will make a big impact on the quality of your services. That's why we focus on the small things to make a big impact. Whether you own a Stander®, Mid Mount Z, or any other of our products, you're working with quality mowers engineered for your toughest jobs.

Here are some of the small things that make a big difference in mower efficiency, performance, and safety:

Rubber Chutes

The rubber chutes on our mowers are designed to last a long time and preserve your customer's landscaping. They allow you to pull in tight to objects like trees, bushes, or fence posts without damaging the property or the mower. This chute is durable. It's made of a thick, 1/4 inch rubber material. It even folds up within the width of the mower for easier stowing on a trailer.

Low-Profile Caps

You may never notice the low-profile caps on our mowers. We consider that a good thing. On top of many mowers' front wheel caster housings you will find a low-profile cap. Other brands may not pay attention to this detail of keeping these caps low-profile. This cap, unlike taller caps, won't get knocked off in the event that this mower runs into another machine, trailer, or perhaps against landscape.


It's important to eliminate as many service points as possible. That's why we choose to use graphite bushings on our mowers. Many mowers use bronze bushings. Bronze bushings can wear out much faster than a synthetic bushing like ours. The real benefit of these bushings is that you don't have to grease or continually service them.

Battery Cable

The last thing you want is to be stranded in the middle of a field with your mower. This can happen if a poorly-engineered battery cable breaks or shakes loose from the battery housing. All Wright mowers have heavy-duty battery cables. Our cables are thick gauge cables with a solder-dipped crimp on the end. This crimp won't ever corrode away or wiggle loose to create a no start situation.

Yard mowing should be a relatively simple process. We focus on the small things so that your mowing process goes as smoothly as possible. By eliminating service points, we help you get your jobs done more efficiently. At Wright Manufacturing, we know how the small things in a mower can make a big difference. To learn more about our mowers, visit our main site or give us a call at (301) 360-9810.

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