3 Bad Mowing Routines You Should Break

We're all looking for the perfect lawn. How many times have you finished mowing your lawn only to be disappointed by the results? Maybe your lawn doesn't have that plush green look, or maybe the cut seems to be inconsistent and choppy. These are common problems and they're often caused by a few common bad mowing practices. The good news about bad habits is that they can always be broken. Here are a few bad mowing habits to break immediately

Mowing Seth Fenby
Mowing Seth Fenby

1. Mowing Grass Too Short

You've fallen behind in your mowing duties and now you're facing tall blades that will take forever to mow. You're tempted to put your mowing deck down as low as you can and get it over with. It's very important to resist this temptation! You never want to mow more than ? off the surface of your lawn. It leads to blade damage and will leave your lawn looking patchy and brown. Mow a third off the grass and give it a little bit of time to recover. It won't take long to catch up and reach your ideal lawn height.

2. Mowing in the Same Pattern

While mowing, you probably have a certain routine that you follow every time you mow. You might start in the same place and mow the grass in the same pattern. Even though you're being consistent, you might also be damaging your grass. Mowing repeatedly in the same pattern can lead to matting of grass and turf damage. Mix up your approach each time you mow and your lawn will thank you for it. Plus, it's not only good for your grass, it will help break up the monotony of the job.

3. Mowing with Dull Blades

If you've ever shaved or cut hair with dull blades, you've probably noticed that it's painful and gives an inconsistent cut. This is also true with mower blades. Dull mowing blades can damage the roots of your grass and leave behind a very choppy looking cut. When you start to notice a less-than-clean cut on your own lawn, it's time to sharpen your mower blades. It will make your job a lot easier and will do wonders for the appearance of your lawn.

You're not as far away from a beautiful lawn as you might think. If you break your bad habit today, you'll see improvements immediately. By taking care of your grass, your yard will start to rival those neighbors that always seem to have the best lawns on the block. Make the grass greener on your side by adhering to these proper mowing techniques. For all of your mowing needs, remember that Wright will give you a mower that offers a quality cut. Find a dealer in your area Dealer Locator and learn about our seasonal buying program today.

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