Big Lawns Versus Small Lawns

A Competitive Comparison

Both big and small lawns have their upsides and downsides, but both types of lawns can be profitable in their own way. Whether you think bigger lawns means bigger paychecks or smaller lawns equal more bucks, they are both profit for you and your company. But they still come at a price. Let's look at some ways both lawns can hinder and support a lawn care company.

Large Lawn
Large Lawn
Small Lawn
Small Lawn

Pros of a Big Lawn:

  • With a larger property you have wide-open spaces. This makes it much easier to cut grass.
  • Because you're working on a large and open area, mowers run into fewer obstacles, resulting in less labor.
  • There is little to no trimming involved when mowing large areas of grass.

Cons of a Big Lawn:

  • Because you're mowing such a large property, it takes a lot longer than mowing a small lawn. This, in turn, could threaten how much money you make in a day.
  • People might not be willing to pay as much because they think that the job is much easier than it is.
  • Big lawns are oftentimes owned by commercial businesses. While this is not always a bad thing, many companies might not be loyal to you or your company and drop you for a company who is willing to charge less.

Pros of a Small Lawn:

  • Shorter jobs mean more jobs in one day. Working more jobs everyday means more end-of-the-day profit.
  • Smaller lawns typically mean residential areas. This leaves potential for client/customer relationships, loyalty, and customer service with clients.

Cons of a Small Lawn:

  • Smaller lawns mean more obstacles and more trimming, which involve more labor. While the job might be a short one, it might also require a lot of starting and stopping on the mower.
  • Mowing small lawns also require much more attentiveness than a bigger lawn. You have to watch where you're mowing all the time to make sure you're not mowing up your customer's freshly bloomed rose bush.

As you can see, each lawn has its benefits and disadvantages. Whether you choose to mow bigger or smaller lawns is all up to you and the mower you purchase. There is profit in both fields. Wright has a great selection of mowers Stand-on that vary in size and style suited to best fit your company's needs. Once you understand the factors for both types of lawns, you can begin using them to your advantage. And before you know it, you'll be mowing every lawn the most profitable and Wright way.

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