Blue Valley Tractor - Overland Park, KA

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A hesitant relationship between Blue Valley Tractor & Supply and Wright has since bloomed into a great partnership for Wright, Blue Valley, and the customers who purchase the mowers.

Blue Valley Tractor
Blue Valley Tractor

Nestled in Overland Park, Kansas, Blue Valley Tractor & Supply carries high quality outdoor power equipment, mowers, hand-held products and utility vehicles — just to name a few. Although it took a bit of subtle convincing, they also carry (and love) Wright mowers.

"I was approached by a sales representative that wanted us to sell the Wright Mfg. mowers," Cary Russell explains. "We were doing well with the brands we had and I was skeptical of this new product, so I turned them down. Another dealer about 15 miles away took on the Wright mowers and over a two year period we started seeing more and more Wright Standers. Unexpectedly, that dealer went out of business and the Wright sales representative came knocking on our door again. We then started carrying the Wright mower and hired the other dealer's salesman that was doing so well selling them. Ever since then, the Wright Stander® mower has become the most popular commercial mower in our market."

It's a Wright world in Overland Park, Kan., and in the past eight years Cary says that companies have transitioned from walk-behind ZTR [product page] mowers to a Wright Stander® . "Once the larger landscape companies started buying large quantities of Wright Standers, other companies took note and began buying them as well," he says. "I don't know how many times I have heard business owners say, 'ever since I bought those Wright Standers, I can't get my mower operator to use my walk-behinds.' The feedback I hear most about what the customer likes about the Wright Standers are increase in productivity, less operator fatigue, easy to operate, good striping ability, and they are easy to work on." Like all customers, many people who walk in their store to purchase mowers are concerned about price — but should also be concerned with a quality that Cary calls, "the after sales support".

"Blue Valley Tractor & Supply has mostly repeat customers that trust our dealership and staff with advice, fair prices, great service and parts support. The after sale support is usually of great value than what you can save on the price anywhere." Blue Valley Tractor & Supply is open six days a week and can be reached at (866) 401-0380 if you have any questions or would like to schedule a Wright demo [demo page]. You can also visit their website at

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