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If you live in the Northeast then you know how fast the grass grows. Compared to the rest of the country during the spring season, grass can grow at an alarming rate of speed, which requires constant upkeep and care.

Norfolk Power Equip
Norfolk Power Equip
Norfolk Power Equip
Norfolk Power Equip

That's where our friends at Norfolk Power Equipment come in. They sell, rent, and service different mowers, tools, and accessories including Wright mowers. Since they first opened in 1975, this family owned and operated business provides the equipment and resources to make the lives of commercial contractors and homeowners easier during those long hours during the spring months. Wright and Norfolk Power Equipment began their relationship in 2001 with the Wright Sentar and the dealership has sold over 700 Wright units since.

"The Sentar's success forever changed the dynamic of mowing within the Greater Boston Area," Bob Fregeau, assistant sales manager says. "Norfolk Power Equipment's choice to work so closely with Wright MFG has many factors, such as innovative technology, durability, quality and product support."

An important part of their clientele's business is collecting the grass clippings instead of discharging or mulching them to the side, like companies elsewhere might do. Bob explained that this factor is just as important as cutting the grass, so about 95 percent of their commercial customers purchase the Grass Gobbler along with their Wright product. "Due to our explosive spring growing season the rapid growth of grass requires to be 'bagged' in order to maintain a feasible weekly cut schedule," Bob says. " If you were to try to mulch in the middle of the spring season, you would have to cut every three to four days due to the growth rate. It's truly a one-of-a-kind growing season in the Northeast," Bob says.

One great quality of Norfolk Power Equipment is their understanding of the customers in the region and then accommodating to those needs. Not only does the clientele at Norfolk Power Equipment have to consider the weather during the spring season but also the size of the properties.

"Most homeowners in the Boston area own a fourth to one and a half acres," Bob explains. "The lots are typically smaller than the rest of the country, so a compact mower is a must. The two most popular size machines in our territory are 52? and 36?. The 52? is primarily used for larger lawns (typically the Great Boston Area) and the 36? for the smaller lawns with gates and in the city."

With all those factors at play, Norfolk Power Equipment prides itself on being at the top of its game in terms of great products and customer service, just like Wright. "Wright MFG has constantly strived to improve product and support and we feel as though we have the same commitment to our industry. Some of our core values are the same, such as integrity, innovation, community and balance. Working with a manufacturer like Wright has really been a great experience." Norfolk Power Equipment has three locations — Wrentham, Mass., Middleboro, Mass. and Burrillville, R.I. You can also call them at (508) 384-0011 or visit their website for more information or to schedule a free Wright mower demonstration Demo .

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