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EDM Distributors Inc.

In New England, life moves pretty fast. From Maine to Connecticut, metropolitan areas demand efficient service and quality products, both within the workplace and right outside. That's where EDM Distributors provides a great service - durable, profitable equipment for the busiest lawn company dealers in the Northeast.

Hedge Trim
Hedge Trim

Back in the 1990s, EDM began by selling Wright's original grass gobblers Grass Gobbler , and over time, became the premier Wright Mower distributor in New England. EDM explains their focus on Wright's stand up mowers in recent years is a strategic move to serve their region best- a region "where small, productive mowers blend perfectly with the metro areas."

"We like to tell our customers that because of Wright's productivity, they can mow in three days what it used to take them five days to do," EDM's sales manager Bill Stantial says. "They can fit more Wrights on their trailers or they can fit more supplemental items on their trailers because of Wright's compact footprint."

In an area where landscaping is viewed as an art form, not just an ecological necessity, Wright mowers also provide the aesthetic quality many customers look for in the prestigious areas of the North. "Wright products fit the bill perfectly," Stantial says confidently.

EDM Distributors works with the top landscape dealers in their area, and are certain they provide a quality product that fits the needs of bustling cities in New England.

"Our dealers often say that Wright is their most profitable line, because they come all assembled and ready to go from the crate," Stantial explains. "Time is money to the dealer as well as the landscaper, so Wright again delivers perfectly."

EDM Distributors is located in Suffield, CT. Visit their website or click here to contact them directly.

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