How to Make Your Garden Look Bigger

Most of us don't have unlimited amounts of sprawling acreage in which to create a breathtaking garden. The amount of space we can designate for our garden is often a limited, smaller section of our yard, but by being creative and using some smart gardening tips, we can maximize what space we do have to create a garden that looks much more spacious than it really is.

Bigger Lawn
Bigger Lawn

Here are some expert landscaping tips to make the most out of a small garden:

Color and Light

Using warmer colors like red and orange in the center of your garden naturally creates a more open feel and gives the illusion of a larger space. Cooler colors can then be used to surround these areas, providing a nice contrast and allowing you the opportunity to control where the eyes of your visitors will focus. Bright colors will be another tool you can use to enhance the desired focal point of the garden.

Levels and Tiers

Take advantage of naturally occurring elevations, or use tiers to create the sensation of depth in your garden. Decks, sunken patios, and elevated garden beds will go a long way to creating this visual effect in a smaller space. This trick of urging the eye to move upwards leads us to our next favorite landscaping tip"¦

Tall Plants Over Wide Ones

Since limited space is an issue, you'll want to choose plants that take up less horizontal room. Instead, favor planting options that reach vertically. This can mean choosing taller plants, or it can mean using plants that can grow along a wall, like ivy.

Water as a Reflector

One trick used in interior design is to incorporate mirrors to make a smaller space seem larger. This same principle can be applied to your garden, too. A small pond or fountain can reflect the sky and the surrounding area to add depth and openness.

Structures and Framing

By incorporating structures like arbors, pergolas, trellises or small gazebos, you'll have more control over the focal point of a garden. They also give you more places to hang plants and facilitate the vertical approach that we mentioned above. These structures give the gardener another opportunity to frame a garden in a way that makes the most of a small space. Don't let your garden's limitations in size be an obstacle. Clever decisions and wise use of simple design techniques can transform a corner of your lawn into a beautiful garden. Remember that—just like with interior decorating—we can use colors, lights, reflection and framing to our advantage.

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