I Need Immediate Assistance with My Wright Mower. What Do I Do?

Your business is negatively affected when your commercial mower breaks down. A mower breakdown means lost productivity, a machine stuck on a customer property, and throwing a wrench in your lawn company's production schedule.

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Flat Tire

It's easy to panic when a mower shuts down, but there are better ways to handle the situation. Below are a few common scenarios and items to address first so you know how to handle this issue out in the field.

It won’t start.

Check the fuses by the back of the mower engine. Ensure brake and control switches are intact and the black battery ground cables are tight. Also, see if the mower battery is still holding a charge. One easy way to accomplish this is to turn the key to the run position and pull up the clutch switch. If you hear the clutch click, you know you have power.

The mower runs but won’t drive.

Check that the bypass valve is snug. The valve is a ? hex bolt sticking out of the head of the pump with a screw going through it. Otherwise, it's likely that the belt has failed and need to be replaced, in which case you'll want to tow the mower back to your trailer. Open the bypass valves to tow the mower and take it back to the shop.

The mower drives but the blades won’t turn on.

This can mean several things: the belt, the clutch, or the electrical system. If the engine cuts out when you pull the blade switch (PTO switch), then you know there is something wrong with the safety circuit. Check that the platform or seat switch is intact. If the engine keeps running when you pull the blade switch, either the belt is damaged or the clutch is worn or not getting power. If the clutch stops working only when hot, then it's likely the clutch is beginning to fail.

These basic troubleshooting tips can get you out of a tight spot while mowing lawns. If nothing seems to be working even after going through these steps, call your local Wright Dealer right away. They are fully equipped to respond to your particular mower maintenance situation.

You can also call us at the factory at 301-360-9810. We would be glad to give you any guidance. Also, all of our mower owners' manuals are available online. Please note: if you're experiencing more than the tips above can address, an experienced technician will need to see your machine in-person.

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