Mower Blade Tips to Keep Your Lawn Healthy

At Wright, we are always looking for ways to help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a commercial mower that fits your needs. Whether you maintain acres of lawns for a school or park or want to keep your own personal lawn and garden looking great, we are the leading supplier for your mower needs.


But there's one more thing that's just as important as your lawn mower. And, in fact, it's actually part of your mower itself: it's your mower blades. In many ways, the quality of your mower - and your lawn - depends on the quality of your mower blades. And although it may not sound like a big deal, the height of your blades and of your lawn is important, too. Here are a few easy tips for making the most of your mower blades all year round.

1. Maintain Your Blades

The most important thing when it comes to mower blades is to make sure they are always sharp and well-maintained. Dull blades can shred the top of cut grass instead of cleanly slicing through it, leaving your valuable grass brown and susceptible to disease. Always check for damage before you mow that lawn.

2. Ideal Grass Lawn Height Varies by Type

Not all grass types are created equally - at least when it comes to lawn mowing height. Depending on if you have warm season grass or cool season grass, ideal mowing heights can range anywhere from .5 inches to 4 inches. Check out the handy chart from Bayer Advanced to find out the best height to mow lawn based on your grass type.

3. The Rule of Thirds

Here's a good rule of thumb when it comes to lawn mowing: no more than one third of your grass lawn should be cut at a time. So if your lawn is six inches high at the end of summer and you want to trim it down to three inches for winter, you need to do it in two stages. First, cut the lawn only down to four inches, wait 48 hours for the grass to recover, then you can cut it again to three inches.

4. Tall Grass is Healthy Grass

Although it may not seem like it, taller grass is actually better (to a point, of course). The longer the grass, the deeper the roots, which means water can reach your lawn better. Plus, taller grass shades soil, helping to reduce the loss of water and the invasion of weeds in your lawn and garden. This means that even if you're tempted to mow that lawn super short and forget about it for weeks - DON'T!

With these four easy tips, you should have a grass lawn that looks great no matter what the season, weather or climate. Just remember: mower blades are key! To schedule a free demonstration of our state-of-the-art commercial mowers (with high-quality mower blades), give us a call toll-free at (301) 360-9810.

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