Mower Spotlight - Stander ZK Revamped

What's better than mowing grass with a top-selling mower? Mowing grass with a redesigned top-selling mower. During the GIE+EXPO trade show last fall, Wright showcased its newly revamped Stander ZK and received the Dealers Choice Award trophy for "Best New Product" in the wheel equipment category, solidifying it as one of the best mowers on the market. If you're in the market for a new commercial mower, you can't beat the best mower available. The new Stander ZK embodies a variety of new features that make for a better lawn mowing experience and better lawns.

ZK New
ZK New

Here are a few of the new features:

1. Larger Platform

This Stander has a roomier platform, making it easier and more comfortable to get on and off when operating.

2. Balance and Stability

Reinforced with new wheels and elastomer bumpers, this mower can grip all types of lawns or terrain with plenty of balance, stability, and ease.

3. Large AERO CORE™ Decks

Equipped with 52" or 61", you're set for all kinds of lawns. Want something bigger? A 72" deck size will be available to lawn mowing companies this spring!

4. Time Saver

The deck also has air-tapered surfaces that eliminate clumping — a huge time saver for lawn mowing. In addition, the mower has a five gallon debris container, which also saves time by eliminating unnecessary stops during the job.

5. Better Horsepower

This isn't any ordinary commercial mower. The new Stander ZK comes with a kick. HP engines 25.5 or 27 are available. Lawn mowing speeds also have improved with 12.5 MPH capabilities.

6. Large fuel tank

With a 17.5 fuel tank, there's no need for extra gas on lawn care jobs. The large tank contributes to extra time and money, which is important when you're in the lawn care business.

The features don't stop there for the best mower in the market, but go check out the Stander ZK for yourself. You can also find a local Dealer for more information or for a Demo . Get one step closer to better lawns today!

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