Carlisle Tire and Wheel Tire Assemblies

The Wright Parts

At Wright Commercial Mowers, we take extra measures to ensure our machines are built with the quality and craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect. This company-wide philosophy is seen through to every item we purchase for our mowers, from the Stander X to the Sport I. We select only top-tier manufacturers for our parts, and we're confident in our relationship with Carlisle Tire and Wheel to provide quality tire assemblies.


Carlisle has built an industry reputation for manufacturing quality parts that decrease equipment problems. They are a leading manufacturer of outdoor specialty tires, and offer their customers a variety of purposefully designed tires that are turf resistant and all-terrain ready. By utilizing Carlisle Tire assemblies, Wright Commercial Mowers improves its reputation as an industry leader in maneuverability and durability.

As a global company, Carlisle's philosophy of product development mirrors our own. Creating products that increase customer safety and satisfaction, while simultaneously decreasing cost, drives the production of Carlisle Tire and Wheel. From their website, this global team "utilizes a robust technology toolbox" when supplying their products:

  • Tire, Belt and Wheel Design
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Innovative Process Technology
  • Engineered Rubber Compounds Utilizing Synthetic Polymers

Wright Commercial Mowers values its associations with like-minded companies in the industry; companies like Carlisle Tire and Wheel, who put the customer first, while creating durable and efficient machines. To learn more about Wright Commercial Mowers, and the manufacturers that we work with, visit our site . You can also find a local Dealer to schedule a free mower demonstration today.

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