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Barry's Gravely Tractors 2012

All business are faced with one similar challenge— how to set themselves above their competitors. Many business owners search for and fail the "wow factor," but Barry's Gravely Tractors hit it right on the money. Located in southwest Florida, Barry's has been doing business for over 45 years. Their many years in the field has helped them hone their business in to what is now a successful leader for outdoor power equipment in the region.

Barrys Gravely
Barrys Gravely
Barrys Gravely
Barrys Gravely

Barry's dependability and availability are just two qualities of their success. So what is that really sets them apart? The products they sell. Barry's carry commercial mowers such as Gravely, Scag, Stihl, and of course, the Wright Stander.

Wright's products brought an element to Barry's that no other product had. Its uniqueness and adaptability proved to be hits in southwest Florida after co-owner Steve Barry took the product and marketed all over the area.

"It took about three seasons to get the Wright Stander to really take off," Barry stated in an interview with GreenIndustryPros.com. "We got out there and demoed, demoed, demoed. We set up appointments with contractors, but even just walked right up to guys in the field to talk with them. It took some time, but professionals started to see how standing up isn't nearly as hard on your back as sitting all day. Contractors also like the fact that stand-on mowers are much lighter than riders, which is a big plus during our rainy season. Stand-on mowers are also much shorter, so you can get more on a trailer."

Their business flourished. Hard work and demonstration for a product like Wright worked to their advantage. Customers began to see how great of a product the Wright Stander is, and Barry's became the first in that area to provide them with these mowers.

Barry's Gravely Tractors is an excellent example of how Wright products can generate business. While it took some time, (it took them about three years) providing customers with Wright products can be a very successful move for your dealership.

Use Wright as a marketing tool for your business. Everyone needs a selling point and Wright can be that selling point for you. Highlight Wright's revolutionary features. Encourage demoing with contractors. Wright has provided you with a solid, dependable product so don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Remember: if you can't show people what Wright does, they're less likely to listen.

By bringing something new to the table, Wright has set up all their dealerships up for success. Contractors are always looking for that something extra to set them apart and Wright's products can do that for them (and you) in a number of ways. Whether they're looking for higher performance, better safety or increased reliability, Wright gives every dealer and their customers that extra oomph for a booming business.

To learn more about Wright mowers and how to become a dealer, visit our contact us page . To learn more about Barry's Gravely Tractors and their secrets to success, visit Green Industry Pros today.

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