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Pro-Power Canada Inc. is located in Meaford Ontario. Owner, Paul Penny, has been running Pro-Power Canada Inc. with the help of his staff for over 25 years. At Pro-Power Canada we pride ourselves on being a small business with a great staff that operate as a team. We believe in the importance of strong, trusting relationships. The Pro-Power Canada Team works closely with our extensive network of dealerships in Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes to ensure positive experiences throughout the purchase process.

Pro-Power Canada Inc.
Pro-Power Canada Inc.

Customer satisfaction is a vital part of our business with many products being sold to repeat customers. A positive customer experience is essential. Pro-Power Canada strives to have the highest fill rate in the industry for parts. We understand the importance of getting an end-user back on the turf as fast as possible – time off the turf, is money lost for the landscaper. We want to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

Our Ontario Facility
Our Ontario Facility

All of the products that Pro-Power Canada distributes have been carefully selected and meet our high standards for quality, and performance. Each product has been designed to increase productivity without compromising quality. In December 2017, Pro-Power Canada Inc. added Wright to our line of products. We believe the Wright mower will fit in perfectly with the other high quality products we distribute.

For the first time, Pro-Power Canada’s dealers in Quebec have the opportunity to sell Wright as well - we are eager to see Wright grow in the Quebec market, and have already seen a great deal of interest in the product this year.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to distribute Wright and we are excited to watch Wright grow in popularity in Canada!

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