How to Retain Lawn Company Summer Employees for Next Season

Hiring and maintaining employees are two of the most important aspects of your lawn care business. Once you find employees who understand your company's vision and add considerable value, you may worry about their availability next summer, especially if you acquire a lot of high school or college students on the payroll. Seasonal businesses face challenges that others businesses don't. Constantly hiring new people can be a major hit to productivity, morale and training expenses. Here are some tips for avoiding such hazards:

Snow Workers
Snow Workers

  • Initially, make sure to hire employees with the correct values that fit your lawn company’s mission statement and overall goals.
  • Provide summer employees with positions during the winter such as snow removal, building decks, retaining walls, taking down trees and selling remains as firewood, or putting up Christmas decorations. These are profitable markets that may be untapped in your area and allow for your favorite workers to stay on through the harsh winter months.
  • A hardworking but stress-free atmosphere with a quality team of professionals always makes employees want to come back next season. You need to make the workplace environment one that stands out as high quality and engaging.
  • Use the off-peak times to plan marketing strategy and reach out to past employees for a year-round interchange that will keep them returning, even if they’re not currently on the payroll. Open lines of communication set the tone for a lasting professional relationship.
  • Offer continuous learning to keep them interested in the field and use collaborative methods to make them feel like a useful resource to the company.
  • Encourage continual feedback, which breeds a close relationship and allows for a fresh perspective. Address any concerns that employees bring to the table to ensure they feel heard and to prevent any building resentment about difficult tasks.
  • Flexibility in the schedule for family time is something that every employee looks for in a job. If you offer enough time for leisurely activities it will provide your workers a reduced stress work zone.

These methods will keep loyal, trustworthy employees close at hand throughout the year and prohibit high turnover rate from intruding upon your successful lawn care company. Another trick to continued success is effective tools for the job. Wright mowers are high-quality commercial lawn mowers for professional-grade performance on all types of lawns.

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