Hydration Is Critical For You And Your Employees During Summer Months

Summertime is the peak season for lawn and garden work. The summer months are also the most critical time for you and your lawn maintenance workers to stay hydrated and safe, as the heat can often cause dehydration. Here are a few tips for staying hydrated throughout the busy summer season.

Get a Head Start

Before you head out with the mower for a long day of work, get a head start on your hydration. Drink a few glasses of water before the sun begins beating down on your head and shoulders; it will get your day off to a fully hydrated start.

Keep Water Nearby

While most workers will bring water bottles on the job, it's important that you provide water for them in case it slips their mind. You don't want an employee to pass out from becoming overheated, and you can ensure they stay hydrated by having water available at the site. Fill up a water cooler, or throw a few packs of water into your truck.

Recognize the Signs of Dehydration

It's important that you and your employees recognize the signs of dehydration, so you can nip it in the bud if the symptoms appear. Fatigue, weakness, altered mental status, headaches, muscle cramps, or vomiting are all signs of dehydration and heat overexposure. Take appropriate action when the warning signs are showing.

Take Breaks

It's extremely important for lawn care companies to ensure their employees take breaks throughout the day. Encourage lunch breaks in the shade and out of the heat, and make sure everyone is hydrated before they step back out into the sunshine.

Watch What You Drink

Sugary soft drinks and alcohol will not keep you hydrated, so if you're in the mood for something sweeter, sip on Gatorade or another sports drink. If you can't stand the neutral flavor of water, slip a few slices of lemon or orange into your water bottle.

As the summer months approach, you can be sure you and your workers will stay safe this season with these hydration tips. Whether you own a large lawn mowing business or maintain a few gardens as a side job, hydration is vital for the health of you and your company.

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