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Smith Distributing Company

Distributors are an essential element in serving lawn care specialists. By providing thorough demonstrations and service to dealers, our distributors ensure that landscaping crews are equipped with the best the market has to offer. In the Midwest, where the plains are expansive and lawn maintenance a must, Wright mowers have established a top-notch reputation.

Smith Distributing
Smith Distributing

Smith Distributing Company has been integral in developing a market for Wright Mowers, starting right in Oklahoma City. General manager Randy Layman explains that Smith's relationship with Wright began eight years ago, and has grown steadily over the years.

"We and dealers were looking for quality product lines," Layman says. "Wright Products offered unique designs and high quality, and are still at the forefront of products in their class."

Today, Smith Distributing Company has a presence in 6 states, and knows that Wright mowers are not a "here today, gone tomorrow" brand. In fact, a product that doesn't require a lot of set-up and holds up well to the vast grounds in the Midwest nearly sells itself. Plus, Smith Distributing Company goes above and beyond for its customers. "We still work with dealers to schedule and perform demonstrations in the field," Layman says. "That's what sets us apart."

Something else that Smith Distributing Company was excited about was the introduction of the Wright ZTO product page . Serving many metro areas with more than a million residents, the strong, fast, agile mower has been incredibly popular. "The introduction of the ZTO this season has been well received and looks to be a real winner for dealers in all areas."

Now serving the Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas areas. Call Smith Distributing Company at (800) 289-9582, or visit them online to schedule a demonstration. They are located at 4110 NW 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73107.

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