Capitol Stampings Idler Pulleys

Capitol Stampings Idler Pulleys

At Wright Manufacturing, we take extra measures to ensure our machines are built with the quality and craftsmanship that our customers have come to expect. This company-wide philosophy is seen through to every item we purchase for our mowers, from the Stander X to the Sport RH. We select only top-tier manufacturers for our parts, and we're confident in our relationship with Capitol Stampings Co. to supply our idler pulleys.

Capitol Stampings
Capitol Stampings
Capitol Stampings
Capitol Stampings

Wright equips their mowers with Capitol Stampings' pulleys because of their excellent quality and their commitment to keep cost down. With a varied line of idler pulleys that includes flat idlers, V-grooves, Tog-L-Loc construction, riveted and brazed, Capitol Stampings is able to produce multiple pulley types and sizes on the front end to prevent mark-ups over last-minute orders.

Capitol Stampings takes it a step further, and has made a positive reputation for itself as an industry leader in custom-made parts by not solely sticking to more mainstream models. From their website, Capitol Stampings offers a diverse line of solutions for pulleys in Wright Commercial Mowers:

  • custom tooling
  • precision metal stamping
  • robotic & resistance welding
  • powder coating
  • e-coating
  • extensive assembly expertise

Wright Commercial Mowers values its associations with like-minded companies in the industry—companies like Capitol Stampings that put the customer first, while creating durable and efficient machines. To learn more about Wright Commercial Mowers and the manufacturers that we work with, visit our website .

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