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Creating a complex piece of machinery such as a commercial mower is the result of the hard work by a lot of people. And, while Wright Manufacturing has plenty to be proud of, at least some of the credit for their products goes to several organizations outside of Wright. In this series we look at a few of the twenty-some different companies that contribute parts to Wright mowers. Let's take a look at INDAK Manufacturing Corporation and the key switches they have created as used in Wright stand-on and sitting mowers.


It is almost second nature to us; we hop on our mower, turn the key, and hear the engine roar to life. And yet, without that key and the switch that transfers its turn into the turning over of the engine, what would we do? While we could likely find another way to start things up, few things offer the simple security that a key and a key switch offer.

INDAK Manufacturing Corporation started in 1947 in Evanston, Illinois. Jesse Cobb and John Soreng, who were brothers-in-law, came together along with Soreng Products, and INDAK has been building automotive switches since then. The business was expanded in the 1950s to include the creation of key switches for lawn tractors. This is an area of engineering where they have led the industry ever since. More recently, INDAK has expanded by starting Piedmont Automotive, Southern Switches, and Techny Plastics, and acquiring Borg Instruments, all of which are now part of the larger INDAK Group.

Today, INDAK's engineering and manufacturing work is done primarily in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin, as well as in Germany. In addition to their work in the area of switches, their products also span numerous other areas: LED Lighting (for indoors, outdoors, and vehicles), electronics, appliances, and automotive controls—including switches. INDAK has received multiple Ford Q-1 awards indicating that they are a preferred supplier to Ford Motor Company. INDAK's other clients include: Amana, GM, Maytag, Caterpillar, Freightliner, Volkswagen, Whirlpool, and Volvo. They have also recently been in the news for their advances in energy-saving via LED Lightning.

It is because of parts like the INDAK key switches that Wright's mowers can do what they are designed to do. This prevents you from having to worry about all that is going on inside these mowers. Wright Mfg. has brought the best parts in the industry together to provide you with a product you can rely on. For more information on some of the best mowers in the industry, visit our website or call Wright Manufacturing today at (301) 360-9810. To learn more about Indak, visit their website here

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